Start branding & selling in one move and win time and money

TippingPoint Direct Mail Relevance

Looking for a fresh idea? Why loose time and money spending time on branding and selling in 2 different steps? Great companies manage to realize both objectives in one single step. "when Steve jobs-charged a uniform price, it no only was fair but also got customers to think about the benefits of itunes' huge selection" Pricing does 2 things. It signals quality and names the term of the exchange. But a price tag can shape the value of the product by motivating customers to better understand what they are being offered.

Involve your employees and improve your brand experience

TippingPoint Direct Mail Relevance

Branding beats behavior is one of the major insights driving our TippingPoint.be strategies. Closing the customer feedback loop is an essential building block in managing the customer experience. At Deutsche Bank I implemented this in 2003 via intensive research and meetings with our customers.« No Critics , No dessert » was the theme of the Bi-monthly dinners with up to 60 customers and 10 members of personnel. This was our way to show that what we said in advertising was true. The people appreciated our behavior and our courage to face customers during stock crisis. Very often this feedback resulted in unique insights for development and even campaign themes.

Learning how to"Think Direct Marketing" can add leverage to your ROI

TippingPoint Direct Mail Relevance

Building your own database by convincing customers to share their contact data has its place in any modern campaign. Wether it is via contact data obtained via social media, collaboration with partner companies... you will see that these data-capture strategies provide you with better conversion rates than any other rented list or 'cold'prospect action. Nowadays companies focus on buying facebook likes. But they forget to convert this into sales. Most marketeers forget that social media can be great Direct Marketing tools. Using e-mail or paper mailings, for high potential prospects will raise the ROI of your marketing investment